Our solutions are based on leading enterprise open-source partnerships.   We take the best solutions, tailor them and maintain them for your organization on an ongoing basis.

Business to Business eCommerce

Business to Business eCommerce is different.  But it’s now REQUIRED to be competitive.   Enspir partners with ORO Commerce, the leader in B2B eCommerce solutions to provide tailored solutions to your needs, and support it commercially.

Product Information Management

Without a product catalog that’s accurate, and in compliance with your customers and channel’s needs, you will be missing out on opportunities.  Enspir offers the Akeneo open-source PIM and manages the entire product information management lifecycle for your organization.

Managed Integration / EDI

Managing seamless connections with your trading partners is hard.   24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team monitors your services and proactively resolves problems.   We provide connectivity to every major VAN (Value Added Network) at superior prices and keep you focused on your business.

The Next Generation of Enterprise Software is Here

Enspir specializes in applications built on the ORO open-source platform.  CRM, eCommerce, Product Information Management and managed integration are all critical requirements for mid-sized companies in today’s market.   Enspir is your partner.


About Us

Enspir is a team of experienced professionals in open-source software development, deployment and marketing.   Our team has lead large initiatives at large companies, and launched successful businesses.   Most of all, we share a passion for freedom of software.   Software today often creates less options for companies as it is deployed.  Strict license agreements, escalating support costs and difficult sales people are making the challenges of buying software larger and more expensive than ever before.  Our mission is to end that and usher in a new era of software freedom for our clients.

  • Hand crafted by humans

    We love what we do and who we do it with.   We treat our customers and employees with respect and integrity, every day.

  • Free as in Freedom

    Our solutions are free.  Free from restrictions, free to be modified and tailored.

  • Unlocked

    Our solutions are “unlocked” from day one.  Meaning, you can take your code at any time and do what you need and want to do with it.  You are never locked in to a single solutions provider or reseller with our services.

  • Global

    By design, our solutions are designed to operate in a global marketplace.

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