Managed Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Platform

Our managed ICO Platform makes it easy for you to create, sell and manage the sale of your own crypt-tokens.

FULL ICO PLATFORM supporting a custom Ethereum ERC2 Compliant Token.  Fully functional Smart Contract will be deployed on the Ether network.   Tokens can be customized based on the needs of the ICO but will be easily deployable on a wide variety of exchanges due to standards compliance.  An ICO Dashboard will be deployed to manage the ICO Registration and ICO Token

Key Features

Built from the ground up to meet the needs of fast moving crypto-literate companies.

  • Easy API-Based Enablement

    Access all blockchain functions through an easy-to-use API

  • Flexible, Open Source

    We’ve built our blockchain capabilities on flexible, open-source technology from JP Morgan, specifically, the Quorum Ethereum network.

  • Landing Page

    Landing Page for the marketing of your ICO leveraging great SEO basics and flexible for your needs.

  • Fully Developed Smart-Contract Templates

    Key features of smart contracts are readily available and easily integrated with your requirements in a few days or weeks.

  • Token Sale Dashboard

    Fully integrated with our smart-contract, allows for real time calculation of token-sale economics.

  • User Registration and KYC Process

    Allows full control of user registration and Know Your Customer processes