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Blockchain: Empowering the Industrial Internet of Things

While Bitcoin is the most popular application of Blockchain, the technology also has trustless, secured and decentralized capabilities that can redefine business solutions, including those that empower the Internet of Things. What makes the Blockchain an essential element of industrial Internet of Things? The fact that the technology behind the Bitcoin is autonomous, trustless and […]

Explaining the Blockchain Technology to an Average Person

What do we call blockchain technology so the people will understand it better? The blockchain technology is not for average persons. It probably ranks on the 10,000th level of the nerd scale. This makes it difficult for a startup business to get people to comprehend it. They need to explain the technology behind Bitcoin in […]

Other Possible Uses of the Blockchain that can Change the World

Looking at the blockchain technology, it is important that we determine its potential as a threat and its use in boosting the efficiency of communication – ultimately making a better world. It is a networked approach to an open, decentralized and very difficult to steal, hack or counterfeit transactions. It promotes digital trust through radical […]

Disrupting the Financial System with Blockchain

While Bitcoin is not replacing currencies in the world anytime soon, you should know that the digital currency is relevant to your business. Its underlying technology – blockchain – could challenge our assumptions about the security and reliability of commerce. In fact, many leading financial personalities believe it could transform the business world in the […]

5 Finance Leaders who Embrace the Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is enjoying popularity among the largest banks in the world. Some have gone public on their interest of embracing the technology, while others have chosen to keep it amongst themselves. The bottom line is everyone is talking about it. In fact, nine major banks have already partnered with R3CEV, a distributed ledge startup. […]

Can the Blockchain and Industry Standards Play Together?

The number of consumers demanding for genuine transparency is increasing. Almost everyone wants to know where the products they are about to purchase come from and how they got from there to the market. To raise the awareness of consumers, it takes more than just industry standards. That’s why scores of industries are open to […]

Blockchain: Disrupting the Supply Chain Industry

How could blockchain change the everyday experience of purchasing, cooking and serving dinner? Think about this. Every ingredient of your dinner has a history. Blockchain allows you to see where these ingredients come from, how they were produced, and who handles them. At the same time, it also allows the producers to track where their […]

Blockchain 101: What You Need to Know

Companies need to know what goes on beyond the four walls of their businesses in order to gain greater insight to their full supply chain. They need technology that will enable them to understand the total process that runs their supply chains. Thus, Blockchain becomes a very interesting idea for organizations. It promotes trust among […]