Austin Texas Technology Company Seeking Bids for Outsourced / Offshore Development RFP RFI

Enspir Solutions LLC


PROJECT NAME: ATX Austin Java Team

Enspir Solutions LLC

3250 Retail Drive Ste. 120

Carson City, Nevada 89706

March 04, 2019


ATX Austin Java Team

Global, Nevada

Article I.         Introduction

Enspir Solutions LLC requests that your company make a proposal for your services on ATX Austin Java Team. The following proposal request will outline the project goals and detail the format you should submit your proposal. Please read the timeline carefully. In order for your proposal to be considered, your proposal must meet our deadlines included in the timeline under Section 2.02.

Section 1.01    Location and Sponsor

Your bid is for operation on ATX Austin Java Team located at Global, Nevada, NA.

Section 1.02    Management

Enspir Solutions Project Manager will be managing this project. They will be off location during the project. Enspir will be responsible for the project’s timely completion.

Section 1.03    Contact Information

Please contact Enspir Solutions for questions about the proposal submission details:


Article II.       The Project

Section 2.01    Mission

By the end of this project we hope to achieve the following:

Provide an ongoing global development partner for a growing and successful Austin, Texas technology company.

Section 2.02    Project Specifications

1 Project Lead / Scrum Master 1 Technology Architect (Java) 5+ Years Experience 2 Senior Java Developers (3+ Years Experience 2 Junior Java Developers (1+ Years Experience) 1 QA / Tester 1 Access to a part-time DBA 1 Access to a part-time cloud (AWS) admin

Section 2.03    Contractor Requirements

Should your proposal be accepted, we expect you to contribute the following to the project:

Contractors will be required to manage all aspects of the local team, including hiring, firing HR issues and local administration.

Section 2.04    Timeline

In order to complete our mission, we have set the following timetable. This timetable is subject to change by the managers of this project.

Milestone:       Date:

Requests for Proposals Sent Out        March 04, 2019

Letter of Intent or No-Bid Letters Sent In       March 15, 2019

Deadline for Proposals            March 22, 2019

Project Start Date        May 01, 2019

Project Completion Date         December 31, 2020

Article III.      The Proposal

Section 3.01    Summary of Proposal

(a) Expectations

Contracts will be awarded based on the information presented in the proposals received. We will award contracts based on the proposal expected to be the most beneficial to our project based on a variety of factors. Enspir Solutions LLC reserves the right to award more than one contract, accept the lowest price offer, award contracts before the proposal deadline listed in the timeline, award contracts before all proposals are received, and refuse any contract without obligation to Enspir Solutions LLC or to the company offering the proposal.

(b) Response Deadline

Please forward a letter of intent by March 15, 2019 if you intend to submit a proposal. Likewise, if you do not intend to make a proposal, please forward a no-bid letter by the same date.

(c)  Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be submitted to Enspir Solutions LLC by March 22, 2019 to be considered for their contribution to ATX Austin Java Team.

(d) Selection Criteria

All offers submitted will be considered based upon the materials provided in the proposal. Consideration will be given to performance projections as well as cost and staff requirements. Only those proposals submitted by the deadline above will be considered. The following criteria will be the primary considerations for selecting a proposal:

  1. Submission of all proposals in the correct format by the stated deadline.
  2. The perceived effectiveness of the proposal’s solution for Enspir Solutions LLC’s stated mission.
  3. The perceived ability for the proposing company’s ability to deliver their services set forth in their proposal.
  4. The proposing company’s past performance in delivering such services.
  5. Availability of sufficient high quality personnel with the required skills for the specific approach proposed.
  6. Overall cost of the proposal.

Enspir Solutions LLC may suspend or discontinue proposals at any time without notice or obligation to the company that submitted the proposal.

(e)  Proposal Format: Enspir Solutions LLC suggests that you include the following information in your proposal. Proposals should adequately address the details of the proposed contract.

(i)     Contractor Summary

(ii)    Capabilities and Methodology

(iii)   Expected Results

(iv)    Executives, Staffing, and Management

(v)     Communication

(vi)    Equipment

(vii)   Expense Breakdown

(viii)  Expense Summary

(ix)   Licensing and Bonding

(x)    Insurance

(xi)   References

Section 3.02    Proposal Details

(a) Contractor Summary

Include a brief history of your company including your past experience in dealing with similar projects. Also include the owners’ names or those persons authorized to sign contracts for your business.

(b) Capabilities and Methodology

Detail your company’s capabilities in delivering the requests in this proposal. You should use this section to outline specifically your proposed method for achieving your goal. This should include a detailed timeline of milestones for completing the project.

(c)  Expected Results

Use this section to summarize the expected results of your methodology listed above. This should include a summary of your timeline for completing the project.

(d) Executives, Staffing, and Management

List the high level executives or officers in charge of completing the project and a summary of their background. You should also use this section to list the projected staffing and management necessities and their estimated cost. Specify how you will obtain the staff to complete the project.

(e)  Communication

Explain how you intend to communicate between executives, management, and staff in addition to how you will communicate to the project manager to ensure the project stays on schedule.

(f)  Equipment

Detail the equipment necessities as well as their estimated cost. If you will need additional services or space from Enspir Solutions LLC you should list those requirements here with a brief explanation.

(g) Expense Breakdown

Build a detailed list of all expected expenses.

(h) Expense Summary

Give a brief summary of the total costs for your proposed contract. You may also include a brief explanation of the contributing costs to the total cost.

(i)  Licensing and Bonding

If applicable, include the details of your licenses and bonds for the services you are proposing. If possible, enclose proof of your licenses and bonds.

(j)  Insurance å

If applicable, provide the details of insurance your company will provide for your staff and the project.

(k) References

Provide 5 references for similar past projects.