Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation with Data Management

Digital transformation has disrupted the business industry. It has digitized processes to enhance transparency and accuracy, ease and speed up transactions, as well as improve customer satisfaction. This concept has become so mainstream that 70% of companies have a dedicated innovation team. However, many leaders may overlook these challenges that can be overcome with data management.

Your customers want only three things:

  • Accurate and up-to-date information
  • Consistently high quality customer experience
  • Ability to search your website with any device

Online customers want easy. They want easy to find, easy to compare and easy to buy products. If your e-commerce website is structured like a labyrinth, you will chase potential customers away. You need to actually transform customer experience to be successful. It’s more than just investing in technology. You also need to reconfigure your business strategies and objectives to deliver.

However, there are three components that may hinder the success of digital transformation:

  • Automation to capture information. Today, all sorts of data need to be collected, extracted and analyzed. Once digitized, they need to be classified, extracted and verified to support and integrate with downstream processes. That’s why you need to quickly and accurately automate the collection of data from various sources. It is the first step in digital transformation process.
  • No context to data. In order to make better business decisions, data needs to be understood within the context of your customers’ needs and cross-reference them with your company’s pre-set rules and policies. The challenge is capturing unstructured data (handwritten notes and social content). You need a more sophisticated approach to capture, classify and extract them.
  • Updating manual business processes. Manual business processes means too much paper. You need proper data management to eliminate this wasteful and unproductive steps if you want to easily and quickly find your documents, reduce costs, and ensure accountability and compliance. Manual processes take forever. A data management solution can help eliminate low-value tasks and automatically process work to meet the rapidly changing business conditions.

With both electronic data and paper being widely used, it has become clearer that smarter data capture is essential to smarter business processes. All information coming from multiple channels contain important data that enable automation and drive your business processes. For digital transformation to be successful, you need a good data management solution. You need a holistic view of how your company meets the needs of your customers. Click here to learn more about Enspir and our e-commerce solutions.