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Top 10 Differences between B2C and B2B Platform

Don’t try to purchase a B2C platform and repurpose it for your B2B customers if you don’t want to waste your time and money. B2B is different from B2C. Don’t trust a B2C provider that claims to be an overnight expert on the former. Keep in mind that a few customizations will not make a B2C platform perfectly work for B2B clients. You should start with a B2B platform directly. Here is a short list of features that a B2B provider should be able to demonstrate easily, without customizations.

  • Search – A B2B platform personalizes the search for each user type and to the specific company that is ordering.
  • Products – B2B products are complex. They require advanced quoting and configuration.
  • Integrations – Most B2B projects fail or go over budget on integration. That’s why you should have a strong integration toolset.
  • Performance – B2B handles larger SKU counts and order volumes than B2C.
  • Developer Tools – The platform should have strong B2B features OTB. It should allow the developer community to extend and scale without over boarding the upgrade path.
  • Globalization – Most B2B companies are global. They are available in multiple languages and currencies. They are also flexible enough to handle international shipping and tax issues.
  • Multi-site – A B2B platform provides customer-branded microsites and ordering portal for their key accounts. On the other hand, B2C typically offers a single website.
  • Customers – B2B companies have many different personas, client types and channels. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for all firms. You need to consider various factors when choosing the best B2B ecommerce solution for you.
  • Payments – B2B provides options for PO, order approvals, and payment on credit. It also has the ability to check available credit. On the other hand, B2C is often credit card only.
  • Check out – The B2B checkout process is more complex than that of B2C. It involves multiple order approvals, credit limits and payment complexity.

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