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Product Information Management for Greater Customer Experience

How you organize, deliver and display the content in your Product Information Management (PIM) systems is as important as the products and services you are trying to sell. Just like products and services, content also needs to stand out. It needs to be identifiable with your company’s brand and customizable to updates as time passes and business conditions change. Brand engagement has to be always on if you want to provide great customer experience.

Key facts:

  • Roughly a fourth of companies have a PIM system in place to unify data across all channels
  • 43% have started to coordinate their product data
  • Less than 15% are operating without a formal process

To provide great customer experience and stand out online, you must organize and deliver product information in a consistent and differentiating way. The biggest factor that impacts customer experience is not your front-line employees or last touch customer-facing applications; it is your operational systems. If your customers can find the information and products they need, your brand value will soar. If not, it will be damaged – destroyed even.

A great customer experience does not happen at the last touchpoint. You need to equip your underlying operations to support the entire customer journey by providing reliable data. Here’s how you can ensure reliable data to enable exceptional customer experience:

  • Make sure all your channels are connected and share information. In most cases, one channel has different or additional information about your customer. Aggregate all data to build an accurate and consolidated 360-degree view with a modern Product Information Management platform that connects to all systems and channels, capture data, match it against one customer, and merge data to create the correct picture.
  • Make sure all systems and analytics get the data from a single source of truth. All operational systems should have access to a single reliable source to make sure all processes and analytics have consistent information. Once information is shared, your systems will be able to perform efficiently and deliver a consistent experience across departments.  

Great customer experience is a product of operational excellence. It is your competitive advantage. That’s why you need to tweak, or even recast, content for each channel. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your content as you are responsible for your physical products. An omni-channel customer experience will deliver an optimal brand experience throughout a dynamic digital environment. Click here to check out our product information management solution.


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