Quality product data

Meet the Demands of your Customers with Quality Product Data

Consumers today have low tolerance when they search for product data. They demand more information about the products they purchase. Thus, you need to tailor your supply chain operations to meet their omnichannel demands. You don’t want to frustrate your customers by giving them poor quality product data.

To ensure quality product data, you need these three specific qualities of information:

  • Complete. Extended information is an important tool to ensure business success. It can reduce item setup time and enhance speed to market. Your customers do not need to guess the missing attributes of your products anymore. They don’t need to spend time chasing down the correct information too, and then end up buying from your competitors.
  • Accurate. In order to meet the demands of your customers, you need to commit to detail and quality product data. Data accuracy issues are often linked to basic product attributes such as weight and dimensions. Keep in mind that product information can be complete but not accurate. Inaccuracy to product details can make you lose a future sale.
  • Omnichannel Consistent. To catch up to your customers’ expectations, focus on more detailed, accurate and quality product data. Your customers expect your product descriptions to match the actual products. Make sure your product data is consistent in all platforms.

Quality product data is evident in e-commerce. Customers, nowadays, shop with their phones and laptops. They use these devices to find product information, availability and reviews, too. Hence, you need to provide digital information to support their purchasing decisions on every platform. Throw-in some high resolution photos and videos as well. Gone are the days of posting one image of your product, a few bullet points, and price tag. Remember, your customers want to see your product in multiple angles.

When your products are supported with quality information, your business can benefit in the following ways:

  • Fully optimized trailers. Accurate data makes sure all specs are accounted and planned so no gas or cost is wasted.
  • Maximized inventory. If product dimensions are accurate, you won’t lose space. You’ll know if you can add more items or if your space is not enough to display your products.
  • Efficient warehouse. Quality product data provides accurate information of size, weight, functionality and more. Your products will be better organized inside your warehouse for efficient collection and distribution.
  • Improved integration. When working with trading partners, it is important that all information remain consistent throughout manufacturing and distribution. Product data should be automatically updated so your retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and customers will have eyes on the same data. This creates a more cohesive experience in the supply chain.

Product data is most effective when it is specific and consistent. If there is no standard data collection and attributes, it can be difficult to manage your products. Through Product Information Management (PIM), all challenges associated with product data can be surmounted. You will be able to eliminate operational redundancies, reduce frustration, and improve your customers’ shopping experience. Click here to see our PIM solution.


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