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Why Do Customers End Up with Wrong Product Data

It is important for your customers to have access to accurate product data. Imagine this. Your customer downloads information from your website or private portal. On the other hand, your field sales team delivers relevant information via email. A couple of months have passed, and your customer is still working on their design. But, your product has already evolved and your team has already uploaded new product data.

What could be the problem with this scenario? When you send out emails about the change in product data, your customer was busy with other activities and the notification is buried in their inbox. They will continue to work with outdated product data, wasting their time and effort on the design that they have to rework. Your customer will be angry because of the delays and additional costs caused by revisions.

How will this affect your organization? Your customers will lose their trust in you and may even sue you for the damages. A simple inaccuracy in product data will embarrass your company. As compensation, you may be forced to give discounts and free product samples that will gradually reduce or eliminate your profit margins. This scenario occurs quite frequently in both small and large businesses. That’s why an effective product information management solution is essential.

Enspir is the only Akeneo partner based in the US. We focus on the challenges of industrial and b2b customers. As your business changes, you need a platform that can change with you. And, that is what we offer. We provide commercial support and managed services for your Product Information Management (PIM) solution. Akeneo PIM is the only true open-source PIM today and is based on Symfony 2 framework.

We believe that open source and community driven software breeds richer, more flexible and more powerful applications. Our solution will help you centralize and harmonize all your technical and marketing information of your products and catalogs in three ways:

  • We get your data in one place.
  • Also, we enhance the data associated with your products.
  • We syndicate your content to all users and channels as required.

Keep in mind that as your company evolves, your systems also evolve. A great Product Information Management Solution will manage all data. It will make analysis possible by providing accurate, clean, consistent and timely view of product data. Gone are the days when you need to reconcile all products in description fields. You don’t have to worry about identical products with different part numbers in various systems. For the first time, product profitability analysis and faster response to changes are within your reach. Click here to learn more about Product Information Management.

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