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5 Tips on Building your Next generation B2B Ecommerce Strategy

People are finally talking about B2B ecommerce. Many analysts believe that it will be much stronger and more complicated than B2C. However, it will also last longer. Currently, there are 3 times as many B2B transactions than its counterpart. Stores, dealers, suppliers and distributors are looking for ways to find and purchase products online. That’s why analysts are taking the evolution of B2B ecommerce seriously, and you should too.

If you are running a small or medium sized business, you need to invest in an ecommerce platform that supports the experience B2B buyers are expecting and optimizes your business operations.  72% of SMBs get at least a quarter of their revenues from online channels. With millennials representing more than half of the workers now, you need to provide quality online channels to meet their demands.

  • Focus your sales staff on unique situations. In today’s digital world, you need to rise to meet the shift in buyer’s behavior by supporting complicated transactions such as navigating complex products and services, helping set up installation needs, negotiating prices and selling high-consideration products. Order and sales processes should be supported by digital tools an channels, including chat functions, email, and collaborative software.
  • Choose a stand-alone B2B ecommerce solution. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to all companies. You need to choose a solution according to the depth and breadth of your skill to manage integration processes, legacy technology infrastructure and other factors. Weigh out the benefits of each solution to decide which the best for your business is.
  • Prepare for more competitors. Opening yourself to the online world also opens your business to more competitors. Your online experience will be compared to larger global enterprises, including your customers’ previous online shopping experience. When choosing your technology partner, evaluate their capabilities both as a client and customer.
  • Consider cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based B2B ecommerce solutions can help ease your IT burdens. They help you stay abreast of the latest innovations. They are also easier to scale and faster to market.
  • Explore the role of marketplaces. Online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba are an effective way to drive traffic, online presence, and sales. Your customers are already buying from these channels. So, make you do your research and decide what best for your business as part of your digital strategy.

In a fast-moving, omni-channel world, efficiency is important. You need to cost-effectively optimize your workflow and productivity to avoid falling behind the competition. By choosing the right B2B ecommerce solution, you can deliver the best customer experience and ensure you stay streets ahead of your competitors. Click here to learn more about our B2B ecommerce offering.

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