B2B e-commerce success

4 Tips to Ensure B2B E-commerce Success

B2B e-commerce is estimated to grow bigger in the next 4 years. The market is projected to reach $1.13 trillion by 2020. Many organizations want to launch their B2B e-commerce efforts, but they don’t exercise due diligence in advance of launching their initiative. This results to less optimal deployments, ineffectively structured organizations, and missed opportunities. Here are 4 tips to ensure B2B e-commerce success:

  • Choose the right platform. Choosing the wrong platform prevents you from taking full advantage of the opportunities right away. Launching your B2B ecommerce efforts can be time-consuming. The last thing you want is doing it all over again just because you made the wrong choice to begin with. To make sure you choose the right platform, define your requirements in detail. Include information about contract support, flexibility, integration, pricing and workflows.
  • Focus on user experience. Never underestimate the importance of user experience. If it is poor and your website is difficult to use, you will drive potential customers away. Make sure your site search, navigation, listing pages, shopping cart, product details and check out process are optimized to meet modern standards. Invest in building a great user experience, so your customers will keep coming back.
  • Use your sales team strategically. Don’t keep your e-commerce initiative remote to only few top executives. Align sales with e-commerce because it becomes even more powerful when integrated to your system.
  • Planning is critical. E-commerce does not just run itself like a virtual machine. You need to make internal investments on web merchandising and operations, digital marketing, content creation, technology and customer service. You don’t have to build a huge team immediately. You can outsource specific expertise such as technology. The right solution will help you accelerate your efforts to ensure B2B e-commerce success.

The B2B e-commerce market is growing larger every day. It is predicted that by 2020, 27% of B2B transactions will be conducted online. Imagine what it can do to your business. Although implementation may take a lot of time and resources, the ROI for your company is real. Do it right and you will reach B2B e-commerce success in no time. Click here to see what our B2B e-commerce solution can do for your business.

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